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The Daedalus Variations

Happy end of June and time for an update. Beginning July 1, we will no longer ship internationally, with the exception of Canada. This is due in part to the new EU and UK VAT regulations, and also hardships involving shipping times coupled with lost packages. With the current state of postal services around the world still being questionable, we can no longer trust that packages will arrive in a reasonable amount of time.

As a reminder, MSDEXP is nearing the end of our inventory. Once we have run out of inventory, that will be it. There are no intentions of ever producing more.

We should also mention that as of now there are no plans to continue production of TMS-RGB for the Colecovision. Once we know of a distributor that will be offering consistent and quality supplies, we will update our page to point customers to them.

That’s all for updates this time. Thank you as always for your trust and patience.

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Darkness Falls

Happy mid-November everyone!. Just a few quick updates around the shop.

You’ll notice that all installs are out of stock. This is due to the overwhelming level of interest in PS1 mods and the need to get through them without making the wait times any longer. It’s currently expected that installs will return in 2021. During December, we will be taking 2 weeks off from doing installs and focusing on tearing down and rebuilding the shop. It’s been 2 years since we moved into our new space and to say that things could use some cleaning and redesign is an understatement.

You may also note that the CD-i RGB boards are no longer available. We sold out of them last week and have decided to open source the design for everyone to enjoy. These are going to be carried by Retro Gamer Stuff going forward. We may consider making more in the future as well, but for now, they can be made by interested parties for personal use.

Something we haven’t talked a lot about in recent times, CDX Triple Bypass board prototypes are going to be on hand this week. We still have testing and tweaking to perform but the hope is to have the files and/or boards available in 2021.

Sorry to end this on a sad note, but beginning January 1, 2021, unless something changes in the UK government policies, we will be ceasing sales to the UK and it’s territories. This is due to new VAT laws they are putting in place and requiring all VAT to be handled by sellers, along with paying exorbitant fees that our volume cannot justify. If you are a UK customer and looking for some of our products, it may be in your best interest to acquire them before 2020 ends.

That’s it for the updates. If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out. Otherwise if we don’t have more to post before year end, have happy holidays and hopefully 2021 starts out better for all of us.

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The Best of Both Worlds

It’s mid-October and this winter is shaping up to be quite interesting. For those not following along with the vintage gaming community, Playstation 1 is seeing a massive resurgence of interest. With the release of PS1Digital from chriz2600 and citrus3000psi, closely followed by not 1 but 2 more ODE options. Both XStation, the newly created project from Rama of GBS-C fame, and MODE, the multi-optical disc emulator from TerraOnion, are expected to be available soon.

As both of the new ODE options require soldering of a Quick Solder Board (QSB), we are sure to be kept busy throughout the winter with these. The XStation kits are available for pre-order from our friends at Castlemania Games currently and the MODE PS1 kits will be available from TerraOnion and also from us directly once available.

Enough about PS1, what else is happening? The Mobius Power Strip is now in stock for both VA0 and VA1-15 Saturns’s. This means when you place your order for the best Sega Saturn replacement power supply, it will be shipping ASAP. The MODE Plug N Play Power boards are also in stock. These feature a slight redesign to make installation even easier. Now with a removable harness as well!

As many people are aware, the Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) project has found it’s way to our store. These are in stock and available for multiple consoles. Including some not previously available before. It’s a great way to add PAL and/or NTSC support to many of your favorite consoles. We are also offering a specialty adapter board with all of our Saturn DFO purchases. This is not found anywhere else and is needed to ensure your Saturn properly sets the correct refresh rate.

We have also recently added an all new open source Zaxxon to JAMMA adapter. For those of you who want to play your original Zaxxon arcade boards via a supergun or JAMMA cabinet. This is a custom design we made in house and aside from selling it in our shop, we are also offering the files via Creative Commons license on our github.

Yes we still have more projects in the works, none that are ready to be announced or teased at this time. With any luck we hope to have something to show in the new year. As always thank you all for your support!

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Cold Lazarus

Happy September everyone! We have plenty of things on the horizon. As some of you may have seen, beginning today the Nomad Triple Bypass kits are on sale. The length of this sale is not yet determined. We definitely recommend picking one up before stock runs out. As of right now there are no plans to produce more so this is likely your last chance.

We also have some new products and services popping up. The CD-i 400/500 Series RGB board is a new addition to our offerings. As is the install service for this. PS1Digital installs and XStation installs will be available soon as well. We have a few other new products out for manufacturing quotes right now.

Mobius Power Strip Saturn kits and MODE Plug N’ Play Power Boards are in production right now. These are expected to arrive before the end of September. A second batch of Colecovision RGB boards are due in any day now. So if you miss out on boards from batch one, the wait will be very short for more to arrive.

CDX Triple Bypass kits are currently nearing the end of the design phase. This will be the final custom Sega Triple Bypass kit we intend to produce. No ETA is available on these. The kits need to be tested and validated before we even consider production. No pricing estimates will be available until we have everything finalized.

As always thank you all for your continued interest in the goings on here. Things are back to normal in the shop and we are getting through the backlog. Looking forward to all these exciting new products coming soon!

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The One About Rachel’s Mom

Happy August Everyone! It’s been a really long time since we posted an update. Luckily, this update is going to be feature packed.

General shop information

For those who don’t follow us on Twitter, we were unexpectedly unable to work on installs for the majority of June and July. This unfortunately meant that many of you were left waiting and for that we are incredibly sorry. Things are now back to normal and work is progressing. No new work is being accepted until those who have been waiting are taken care of. At which time, there will be changes to the way that work is handled going forward.

Colecovision RGB

That’s right folks. Colecovision RGB is back and better than ever. No more potentiometers, no more tuning, and no more thin vertical lines. The new TMS-RGB by Falonn has delivered on everything that was promised and more. We are very excited to be offering these with his blessing. The intention is to continue to offer these boards as long as interest remains. After testing them out in house, we can truthfully say you will not be disappointed. For anyone who ever purchased the previous board created by citrus3000psi, we highly recommend swapping it out for this. The improvements are both obvious and well worth it. This kit really is everything the community had hoped for. These will be available starting August 11 at 9am Eastern.

PS1Digital and XStation Installs

Yes of course we will be doing both of these. We have already done the PS1Digital install and it is every bit as exciting as it looks. Expect to see a product page spin up as we get closer to the release of the kit. As per the usual, we will only provide the installation, you provide the kit. The XStation is the new up and coming ODE for the PS1. We are thrilled to be able to offer installs for this too. It definitely looks like it’s shaping up to be a really nice kit. If you already have a PS-IO, as we do, it will be up to you to decide if you want to swap. Again we will offer installations but not the kits themselves.

You said there were lots of updates!

We are going to leave everyone with baited breath for the next couple of updates. They should be announced this week and we really hope they “power” you up. There are more new products on the horizon that we can’t speak of yet, but we’re pretty sure most of them will really get you all excited and “singing” some memorable tunes.

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It’s Been Awhile

Greetings everyone! It’s been some time since you heard from us. We are still up and running and working every day. Nomad kits are still available and generally ship out the following day. Let’s go through some general updates.

ColecoRGB is no longer a project we are pursuing. There is a new up and coming RGB solution being worked on by some members of the AtariAge forums and it looks promising. If the project is open source, we may consider carrying it, but that decision will be up to the creators.

Virtual Tap and Servo Emulator kits will not be restocked as of right now. We are recommending people purchase from Castlemania Games as they are going to continue supplying both. If they decide to stop producing kits, we may revisit this decision.

“Almost all the services on your site are out of stock.” We have been hard at work playing catch up from the Nomad Triple Bypass and that has been the primary focus this year. As such everything has been set to out of stock to limit what work is coming in. You don’t want to wait and we don’t want to make you wait if we don’t have to. This will be changing. We will be going back to having limited numbers of services available for purchase in the near future. We will be going through a substantial cleaning and upgrade in the shop after the Nomad orders are all cleared out. Once that is completed, we will enable services in this limited nature again.

“Do you have any other projects coming soon?” Yes hopefully we do. There is still intention to put out a CDX Triple Bypass and possibly a X’Eye version. These would be unique, much like the Nomad kits. We have a few other projects we have been working on behind the scenes that are not yet ready for prime time. Hopefully soon though. The intention is always to release products in a finished and tested state. So until they are closer to that state, we will be keeping them close to the chest.

We hope to have more details for everyone soon. Thanks as always for your patience and support.

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About The Nomad IV: A New Hope

We are going to keep this short and sweet.

As of the time of this writing. VA2 converted kits are now for sale. All Nomad related items are also back in stock. We have a decent number of installs already lined up so there might be a wait if you choose an install through us. However, all kits going forward will only be VA2 with further upgraded sound.

Other items in the shop will remain out of stock for the time being. This is so we can focus primarily on the Nomad owners who have been patiently waiting. Also keep an eye out for more videos, reviews, and comparisons from our YouTube channel and possibly some other prominent channels.

Thanks everyone for the patience, it was worth it!

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About The Nomad: Return of the King Ultra Extended Edition

The final changes for the Nomad Triple Bypass VA2 kits have been made. New videos are slowly being added to our YouTube channel. We have updated the install document with an additional step that should be taken for all installations. Emails have gone out to all purchasers of the Nomad Triple Bypass DIY kits. If you purchased installation from us, then your kits will be updated to VA2 and nothing additional will be needed from you. If you did not receive an email, but did purchase a DIY kit. Please reach out to us.

We will not be opening sales for Nomad related items until the VA2 kits are ready to ship. At this time the estimated arrival of VA2 components is mid-late March. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation in China, this may be extended. As always we will update here and on our Twitter account.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We can’t wait to hear reviews of the new VA2 kits.

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About The Nomad: Part Deux

What is going on with Nomad Triple Bypass?

Last week it was identified that there were certain FM channels missing and the FM channels were flipped in most installs, but not all installs. We have identified the flip issue and have plans to correct this. The current work has been on restoring the missing FM channels, which is done. However, we want to ensure that there will be no further adjustments needed. So extra time is being spent to ensure no possible solution is left behind.

When will kits be back in stock and what about people who already bought one?

We will keep Nomad related items out of stock on the website until this is fully resolved. At which time all new kits will go out with fixes applied. If you already have a kit, have no fear. You will not be left behind. There will be multiple options available for you to get your kit updated. We won’t go into details just yet because we need to have the fixes finalized. Anyone who purchased an install service with us, these are on hold. However, there is nothing you need to do. Your kits will be updated in house and you will receive the revised version when your install is complete.

I already bought a kit and have it here to install/is currently installed. Is this causing damage?

The current boards are in no way dangerous or hazardous to you or your console. So if you have it installed or don’t want to wait, enjoy it and know it will be getting better. If you have not installed your kit, we recommend waiting. Unless you don’t mind opening the console again to apply fixes.

Is it done yet? What’s the status of my order? Can you provide more details?

We will continue to update everyone with progress. We intend on being as forthcoming as possible, but understand the priority is finding the best solution. Then addressing questions/concerns and how to handle the fixes. The goal is to make this as painless as possible for everyone. Please just bear with us and watch for updates. We will be posting new videos to YouTube when we are certain that the issues are resolved, along with updating here and on Twitter.

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About the Nomad

Hello all. As of right now all Nomad Triple Bypass related items are out of stock. We will be working on updating everyone soon with more information. For the time being, if you have purchased a Nomad Triple Bypass kit and/or installation, no cause for alarm. We are going to be making some adjustments and then addressing everyone at once. Thank you.