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Cold Lazarus

Happy September everyone! We have plenty of things on the horizon. As some of you may have seen, beginning today the Nomad Triple Bypass kits are on sale. The length of this sale is not yet determined. We definitely recommend picking one up before stock runs out. As of right now there are no plans to produce more so this is likely your last chance.

We also have some new products and services popping up. The CD-i 400/500 Series RGB board is a new addition to our offerings. As is the install service for this. PS1Digital installs and XStation installs will be available soon as well. We have a few other new products out for manufacturing quotes right now.

Mobius Power Strip Saturn kits and MODE Plug N’ Play Power Boards are in production right now. These are expected to arrive before the end of September. A second batch of Colecovision RGB boards are due in any day now. So if you miss out on boards from batch one, the wait will be very short for more to arrive.

CDX Triple Bypass kits are currently nearing the end of the design phase. This will be the final custom Sega Triple Bypass kit we intend to produce. No ETA is available on these. The kits need to be tested and validated before we even consider production. No pricing estimates will be available until we have everything finalized.

As always thank you all for your continued interest in the goings on here. Things are back to normal in the shop and we are getting through the backlog. Looking forward to all these exciting new products coming soon!