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The One About Rachel’s Mom

Happy August Everyone! It’s been a really long time since we posted an update. Luckily, this update is going to be feature packed.

General shop information

For those who don’t follow us on Twitter, we were unexpectedly unable to work on installs for the majority of June and July. This unfortunately meant that many of you were left waiting and for that we are incredibly sorry. Things are now back to normal and work is progressing. No new work is being accepted until those who have been waiting are taken care of. At which time, there will be changes to the way that work is handled going forward.

Colecovision RGB

That’s right folks. Colecovision RGB is back and better than ever. No more potentiometers, no more tuning, and no more thin vertical lines. The new TMS-RGB by Falonn has delivered on everything that was promised and more. We are very excited to be offering these with his blessing. The intention is to continue to offer these boards as long as interest remains. After testing them out in house, we can truthfully say you will not be disappointed. For anyone who ever purchased the previous board created by citrus3000psi, we highly recommend swapping it out for this. The improvements are both obvious and well worth it. This kit really is everything the community had hoped for. These will be available starting August 11 at 9am Eastern.

PS1Digital and XStation Installs

Yes of course we will be doing both of these. We have already done the PS1Digital install and it is every bit as exciting as it looks. Expect to see a product page spin up as we get closer to the release of the kit. As per the usual, we will only provide the installation, you provide the kit. The XStation is the new up and coming ODE for the PS1. We are thrilled to be able to offer installs for this too. It definitely looks like it’s shaping up to be a really nice kit. If you already have a PS-IO, as we do, it will be up to you to decide if you want to swap. Again we will offer installations but not the kits themselves.

You said there were lots of updates!

We are going to leave everyone with baited breath for the next couple of updates. They should be announced this week and we really hope they “power” you up. There are more new products on the horizon that we can’t speak of yet, but we’re pretty sure most of them will really get you all excited and “singing” some memorable tunes.