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It’s Been Awhile

Greetings everyone! It’s been some time since you heard from us. We are still up and running and working every day. Nomad kits are still available and generally ship out the following day. Let’s go through some general updates.

ColecoRGB is no longer a project we are pursuing. There is a new up and coming RGB solution being worked on by some members of the AtariAge forums and it looks promising. If the project is open source, we may consider carrying it, but that decision will be up to the creators.

Virtual Tap and Servo Emulator kits will not be restocked as of right now. We are recommending people purchase from Castlemania Games as they are going to continue supplying both. If they decide to stop producing kits, we may revisit this decision.

“Almost all the services on your site are out of stock.” We have been hard at work playing catch up from the Nomad Triple Bypass and that has been the primary focus this year. As such everything has been set to out of stock to limit what work is coming in. You don’t want to wait and we don’t want to make you wait if we don’t have to. This will be changing. We will be going back to having limited numbers of services available for purchase in the near future. We will be going through a substantial cleaning and upgrade in the shop after the Nomad orders are all cleared out. Once that is completed, we will enable services in this limited nature again.

“Do you have any other projects coming soon?” Yes hopefully we do. There is still intention to put out a CDX Triple Bypass and possibly a X’Eye version. These would be unique, much like the Nomad kits. We have a few other projects we have been working on behind the scenes that are not yet ready for prime time. Hopefully soon though. The intention is always to release products in a finished and tested state. So until they are closer to that state, we will be keeping them close to the chest.

We hope to have more details for everyone soon. Thanks as always for your patience and support.