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Mobius Strip Technologies has been delivering results since we opened in 2001. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Mobius has over 20 years of experience in Electronic Repair, Testing, and Design and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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No exageration…. MST took my Sega Nomad from beat up shelf piece to better than new.
I have zero tech ability but MST really took the time to answer my questions and plainly explain how the upgrades work.
It’s night and day playing on the Nomad now, so happy with the results.
Incredible communication and stands behind his work, looking forward to more projects with MST!

Luis S. Los Angeles, CA December 15, 2020