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The Best of Both Worlds

It’s mid-October and this winter is shaping up to be quite interesting. For those not following along with the vintage gaming community, Playstation 1 is seeing a massive resurgence of interest. With the release of PS1Digital from chriz2600 and citrus3000psi, closely followed by not 1 but 2 more ODE options. Both XStation, the newly created project from Rama of GBS-C fame, and MODE, the multi-optical disc emulator from TerraOnion, are expected to be available soon.

As both of the new ODE options require soldering of a Quick Solder Board (QSB), we are sure to be kept busy throughout the winter with these. The XStation kits are available for pre-order from our friends at Castlemania Games currently and the MODE PS1 kits will be available from TerraOnion and also from us directly once available.

Enough about PS1, what else is happening? The Mobius Power Strip is now in stock for both VA0 and VA1-15 Saturns’s. This means when you place your order for the best Sega Saturn replacement power supply, it will be shipping ASAP. The MODE Plug N Play Power boards are also in stock. These feature a slight redesign to make installation even easier. Now with a removable harness as well!

As many people are aware, the Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) project has found it’s way to our store. These are in stock and available for multiple consoles. Including some not previously available before. It’s a great way to add PAL and/or NTSC support to many of your favorite consoles. We are also offering a specialty adapter board with all of our Saturn DFO purchases. This is not found anywhere else and is needed to ensure your Saturn properly sets the correct refresh rate.

We have also recently added an all new open source Zaxxon to JAMMA adapter. For those of you who want to play your original Zaxxon arcade boards via a supergun or JAMMA cabinet. This is a custom design we made in house and aside from selling it in our shop, we are also offering the files via Creative Commons license on our github.

Yes we still have more projects in the works, none that are ready to be announced or teased at this time. With any luck we hope to have something to show in the new year. As always thank you all for your support!