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The Daedalus Variations

Happy end of June and time for an update. Beginning July 1, we will no longer ship internationally, with the exception of Canada. This is due in part to the new EU and UK VAT regulations, and also hardships involving shipping times coupled with lost packages. With the current state of postal services around the world still being questionable, we can no longer trust that packages will arrive in a reasonable amount of time.

As a reminder, MSDEXP is nearing the end of our inventory. Once we have run out of inventory, that will be it. There are no intentions of ever producing more.

We should also mention that as of now there are no plans to continue production of TMS-RGB for the Colecovision. Once we know of a distributor that will be offering consistent and quality supplies, we will update our page to point customers to them.

That’s all for updates this time. Thank you as always for your trust and patience.