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About The Nomad: Part Deux

What is going on with Nomad Triple Bypass?

Last week it was identified that there were certain FM channels missing and the FM channels were flipped in most installs, but not all installs. We have identified the flip issue and have plans to correct this. The current work has been on restoring the missing FM channels, which is done. However, we want to ensure that there will be no further adjustments needed. So extra time is being spent to ensure no possible solution is left behind.

When will kits be back in stock and what about people who already bought one?

We will keep Nomad related items out of stock on the website until this is fully resolved. At which time all new kits will go out with fixes applied. If you already have a kit, have no fear. You will not be left behind. There will be multiple options available for you to get your kit updated. We won’t go into details just yet because we need to have the fixes finalized. Anyone who purchased an install service with us, these are on hold. However, there is nothing you need to do. Your kits will be updated in house and you will receive the revised version when your install is complete.

I already bought a kit and have it here to install/is currently installed. Is this causing damage?

The current boards are in no way dangerous or hazardous to you or your console. So if you have it installed or don’t want to wait, enjoy it and know it will be getting better. If you have not installed your kit, we recommend waiting. Unless you don’t mind opening the console again to apply fixes.

Is it done yet? What’s the status of my order? Can you provide more details?

We will continue to update everyone with progress. We intend on being as forthcoming as possible, but understand the priority is finding the best solution. Then addressing questions/concerns and how to handle the fixes. The goal is to make this as painless as possible for everyone. Please just bear with us and watch for updates. We will be posting new videos to YouTube when we are certain that the issues are resolved, along with updating here and on Twitter.