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Happy Holidays and Shipment Status

We hope you all have had happy holidays, if you celebrate anything. If you don’t, well we hope you have had a good couple of days lately.

Anyone who has been waiting for their order to ship, we apologize for the delay. Between the holidays and moving the office to a larger space the last 4 days, we have fallen a bit behind. Installs and shipments will be resuming today. The new temporary workbench is setup. We will be building the new permanent benches over the next few weeks.

Open orders will be fulfilled and shipped ASAP. If your install is with us already, this week will be dedicated to getting as many of the installs completed as possible. Just keep an eye out for the updates.

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FU-RGB Boards are now available!

For those who haven’t followed the saga of the Super SD System 3 and the coming of the FU-RGB bypass board. December of last year a product was announced that would provide Optical Drive Emulation, HuCard Emulation, and RGB video with CD sound for the NEC PC Engine/Turbografx16 family of consoles. When the device was finally released it was found to have serious flaws in the video as well as the audio. A new revision was released and while it was improved, the issues were still there.

This is where Voultar LLC and Mobius Strip Technologies come in. Working together we were able to create a circuit that in most if not all cases, will improve the RGB and composite video of the Super SD System 3. This project has been a year in the making for Voultar LLC and 5, now 6, months for us. We are currently offering the video board at cost to try and get it into the hands of anyone who needs it. In the listing you will find plots taken from our oscilloscope as well as direct captures of the new video output.

We hope you all enjoy the new video quality upgrade and join us in “Measuring the Immeasurable!”

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It’s Official!

Welcome to the shop. It’s finally up and running. This marks the beginning of big changes to the business and the way things will work moving forward. The Facebook page will still exist but is going to take a backseat. From now on this site will be the main place to come for information, ordering, setting up installations, and documentation. Right now, is the soft launch of the site. Bugs will be getting ironed out and structure might change around a bit. Expect to see more products being added along with the migration of photos from the Facebook page.