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Turnaround time, Expectations, and 2019

Welcome to 2019 everyone. We are starting off this year strong. So strong in fact that the normal shop turnaround times are being extended. While many of our returning customers are familiar with the standard turnaround time being less than a week. This is sadly not going to be the standard case for some time. As it stands right now, turnaround time is pushing the two week mark. While this is substantially longer than we would like or you most likely would like. We do not want to sacrifice any of the quality of our work to get things out the door faster.

Why the longer turnaround time. Well it’s actually a few things. The number 1 thing is the popularity of the FU-RGB. The number of boards and installs for these are quite high. Luckily most of these are not very time consuming but we do test every unit before shipping it back, which of course adds time. As does the addition of the FirebrandX Audio Bypass. The second part is the DCHDMI and WiiDual batch 2. These hit right at the same time as the FU-RGB. It resulted in the perfect storm. So while the FU-RGB install is not as time consuming, the WiiDual and DCHDMI are. All work is in a queue and will be completed in the order it was received, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

We are going to be looking into a way to potentially add new statuses to our system to better define when your console has arrived, when it is being worked on, when it’s in testing, etc. In the interim, if you are concerned about your console and what status it is currently in, you can always reach out. Any order that is in an “On Hold” status simply means we are awaiting it’s arrival, waiting until it’s your turn, or actively working on it. Once the status changes to “Completed” in our system, your console is packaged and shipping back.

We do work 7 days a week. Some days we will get more done than others, but the goal is always to ensure that you get the quality service that you paid for. We are going to keep pushing forward to try and bring the turnaround time back down and will continue to allow additional orders. Just be aware that orders are still completed in the order we receive the system. So if you placed an order 2 weeks ago and someone else places one today and they ship their console to us first, they will be ahead of you in the queue. If there are any questions or concerns please just reach out to us.

We have a bunch of exciting things in the works for 2019 so stay tuned.