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New Status Categories… Finally!

As many of you may have seen today. We have new status categories to better communicate what is happening with your item. When your console(s) are received we will now mark them as Delivery Confirmed so you know that we have it. If we are waiting on parts for it it will go into the Waiting On Parts queue. If it is slated next up for install, it will be marked as Queued For Install. On Hold will now be reserved for extenuating circumstances, such as your console was in need of diagnostic work. If you fall into this status, we will communicate with you before that occurs. Other status categories will remain unchanged.

Now the actual important information. Where is your stuff? Well we are still working on it. We are still working 7 days a week and getting through everything we can, as fast as we can. Turnaround time is definitely sticking to the 2 week mark for now. It may be a bit longer, it may be a bit faster. Either way, the new status categories should help with this. As always, you can reach out to get more specific details as to where your install is in the queue. Please note that timelines will always be approximate because crazy things happen that can slow things down.

We ask that everyone maintains their faith in us and we will continue to produce high quality results. Now to get back to those installs.