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Shipping, Shipping, and More Shipping

This last weekend has been a big weekend for getting caught up. With any luck the shop turnaround time will be starting to level off soon and get back to normal. You might notice that the shipping prices have changed on the site. This is due to the new shipping costs that have now gone into effect in the US as of today. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about this.

The FU-RGB is getting very close to being out of stock. Once it goes out of stock, it may very well stay that way. The reason being that there are only so many SSDS3 devices out there and we really don’t know how many need to be upgraded. If there is still an interest a new batch will be produced but it will no longer be sold at cost and the price will increase. This is due to the higher production cost per unit for small batches and the increased risk of excess inventory on our part.

New products will hopefully be on the horizon soon. Once the workload decreases we will have more time to focus on the new R&D projects. A few of these will be fresh takes on existing work, others will be brand new and not previously seen. So as always stay tuned and thanks for your support!