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Full Transparency

For those who do not follow us on Twitter, Mobius was in and out of the hospital over the last couple of days. As the only person in the company that deals with installs, this unfortunately means that no work was completed during that time. As of today he is back to work and focused on getting as much accomplished as possible. The good news is that while time was lost, Mobius will make a full recovery and be back up to fighting form soon. In the mean time installs will commence as normal going forward. The FU-RGB board is almost fully out of stock and the majority of installs are finished. If you have a SSDS3 with us for install, don’t worry, it’s coming soon.

We have recently spoken with a few customers who have been concerned over the length of time installs have taken. As such we felt it best to provide some insight into how the business operates. While there are multiple people involved with Mobius Strip Technologies, only Mobius does installations. Under no circumstances do any other members of the team directly work on your devices. It’s also important to know that while this is a business and we do take it very seriously, it is not our only responsibility. Mobius works at the shop as well as working a full-time job and consulting job. The other team members also have full-time jobs and only work in the shop in a part-time capacity. On top of that Mobius does have family responsibilities. If you follow the shop on Twitter you may have seen mentions of his young children.

This is not meant to be anything other than more insight into how this shop operates and why your install might be taking longer than you had hoped. Going forward we hope to make changes to the process and return to our quick turn around times. In the interim, please just bear with us and remember your device is in good hands and we will complete it as promised.

Thank you all for your continued support.