Philips CD-i 400/500 Series RGB Installation


Includes your choice of 8pin miniDIN or 9pin miniDIN output jack. CD-i RGB Board is not included. Please purchase that as well. Please read the description below for more details.

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So you just bought one of the incredible Mobius Strip Technologies CD-i RGB Boards and don’t want to do the install yourself? No problem. We designed it in house and of course we can install it for you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What connector will you install and where?

  • We offer 2 options for output.
    • 8 pin miniDIN. This outputs 75ohm RGBS. Meaning your cable is expected to have no components installed in it. It should be a “pass-through.” We recommend this cable.
    • 9 pin miniDIN. This outputs standard Sega Genesis/MegaDrive Model 2 level RGBS. Meaning you are expected to have 220uf capacitors and 75ohm resistors in your cable for RGB. With a 470ohm resistor and 220uf capacitor for Sync. We will also connect composite video to the composite video pin. This signal is compatible with any standard Genesis 2 cable. We recommend HDRetrovision component or Retro-Access SCART cables.
  • You have the option of having the composite video jack removed and a miniDIN installed in it’s place or a hole drilled in the console for a new jack. Locations are limited on 450/550 models and some others.
    • If you choose to have the jack installed in place of the composite video jack, please note that some plastic will still need to be removed to ensure adequate space for the cable hood. Please see our gallery for examples.

I don’t have a 400/500 series, can you still install RGB for me?

  • The board we sell is compatible with all Philips CD-i consoles with a BT9106, BT9107, or BT9108 encoder.
    • If your CD-i contains one of these, please contact us to confirm pricing and availability before ordering this service.
  • If your board does not contain one of the aforementioned encoders, please reach out as your RGB mod might still be possible but could be more or less expensive.

Does this work with HDRetrovision cables, RAD2X, Genesis/MegaDrive 2 SCART cables?

  • Yes. This install can be made to work with these cables.

Can I use this on a PAL CD-i?

  • Absolutely. This install can be performed on both PAL and NTSC CD-i units.
  • Please note this install does not modify refresh rates, enable switching refresh rates, or convert from 50hz to 60hz or vice versa.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Output Connector

8pin miniDIN (XRGB pinout), 9pin miniDIN (Gen/MD2 pinout)

Install Location

Remove Composite Video Jack, Drill Hole in Case


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