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Citrus3000psi and Chriz2600 have done the impossible again! The PS1Digital is yet another creation from the incredible minds of citrus3000psi and chriz2600. Offering pure digital to digital conversion, there is no added lag here. The PS1Digital builds off the same incredible performance of the DCDigital with a few new features. This kit features a full-size HDMI port (requires removal of serial port), WiFi for updates, and the all new Weave De-Interlacer. This new feature offers vastly improved 480i display over the more common bob de-interlacing. This kit also offers faster 240p/480i switching than previously seen on any upscaler. As of right now there are no special options available for this install.

Before purchasing this service, please ensure you have a PU-18 or PU-20 main board by opening your console and checking. If you are still unsure, please send us a picture of your motherboard before purchase and we can verify for you. These motherboards are found in SCPH-550x and SCPH-700x.

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