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Does your Virtual Boy have lines in the displays or maybe a single eye that does not work at all? The most common cause of these issues is the ribbon cables leading to the LED Emitters having broken connections. This happens because Nintendo used glue to hold the ribbons to these LED Emitters. Over time, the glue wears out and causes the connections to loosen. The “Solder Fix” is a simple repair/mod that involves soldering the ribbon cables to the LED Emitters. This provides a solid permanent connection and prevents the ribbon cable connections from coming loose again in the future.

This service includes the “Solder Fix” for both Left and Right LED Emitters. Do not purchase this item twice unless you have 2 Virtual Boy consoles to fix.

Disclaimer: This repair/mod will correct 99% of issues with LED Emitters not functioning properly. We will verify every connection and ensure that the LED Emitters are making good connection to the ribbon. Ribbons that are damaged or have had previous repair attempts may not be salvageable. Charges will still be incurred in these cases. LED Emitters that are damaged/dead are also possible. We will not do any investigation into broken LED Emitters. The majority of “Solder Fix” jobs result in full restoration of video, however these are still 20+ year old electronics and it is possible that other issues are present.

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