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Citrus3000psi has done it again! The 3DO RGB mod offers a high quality RGB output and supports 240p switching with correct field landing. The picture is also centered, unlike some of the older mods that caused a horizontal shift. If you are not sure what any of that means, this mod will provide RGB output with the ability to switch between 240p/480i and it will just work. The kit is compatible with all models except the late model Anvil encoders. These are found only in Goldstar and FZ-10 units. We do not sell these kits and they must be provided by you. Kits can be purchased here. Please also purchase the miniDIN output board of your choice. We recommend the 8pin miniDIN, compatible with this Retro-Access cable, for SCART use or the 9pin miniDIN for use with HDRetrovision component cables.

Before purchasing this service, please ensure you do not have an Anvil encoder by opening your console and checking. If you are still unsure, please send us a picture of your motherboard before purchase and we can verify for you.

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