DCDigital(DCHDMI) Installation


Please note that we are currently very busy with PS1 and the end of the year work. Current turnaround times are estimated to be 2-3 months or more.

This does not include a DCDigital aka DCHDMI board. You must supply the kit. Please verify your console is compatible before shipping. Information on this can be found on citrus3000psi’s website.

The options wire is only for resetting back to the game menu vs the standard reset which will only reset the game. This option is only available for the USB GD-ROM and GDEMU. Systems without either of these devices, will still have the ability to use in game reset.

The option to drill through the label provides the most secure installation. If you choose not to drill through the label, the board will still be secured with 2 bolts, but in alternative locations.

The Battery and Holder option will replace your OEM rechargeable battery with a new ML2032 (Rechargable) coin cell and a holder to allow future changes without soldering.

The Resettable Controller Fuse option will install a poly fuse designed to reset after power off. This is great for cases of 3rd party accessories causing an overcurrent condition which would normally require a full fuse replacement. Just power off and on to re-enable your controllers.

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We will install a citrus3000psi DCDigital aka DCHDMI board that is supplied by you. The DCDigital is the only true digital to digital HDMI solution for the Dreamcast. This is not an upscaling solution but does have built in line doubling and 960p support. To read more about the kit or to order one, please visit citrus3000psi’s website. All original AV cables will work with this kit installed.

This kit does require the use of a miniHDMI to HDMI cable.

Additional information

Connect Options Wire?

Connect MODE Disc Switch, Connect USB GD-ROM Reset, Connect GDEMU Switch Game, No Connect

Drill Through Label?

Yes Please Secure Through The Label, No Please Leave My Label Intact

Install New Battery and Holder

Yes Please, No Thanks

Install Resettable Controller Fuse

Yes Please, No Thanks


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