NEC Console Capacitor Replacement



We will supply and replace all the electrolytic capacitors on your TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, CoreGrafx I/II, SuperGrafx, Duo, TurboExpress/GT/LT, and even your Shuttle. If your console is equipped with a SuperCap for Save RAM, we include those for no added cost.

If you are the owner of a black TurboDuo/PC Engine Duo, or the PC Engine GT/LT and TurboExpress, your consoles already have leaking capacitors. The fluid from these capacitors is corrosive and will eat through the circuitry on your board. Possibly rendering your console useless. For these consoles we will perform a thorough wash to remove all traces of fluid. As well as remove individual components known to have fluid trapped underneath. If you have a Duo, a CD laser calibration and sled lubrication will also be performed. If you have a handheld, we will thoroughly clean your controller board and main boards. Including replacing inductors if they are damaged.

For SuperGrafx owners, we will perform the ever necessary post cut to ensure your board does not crack. All consoles, regardless if modified or stock, will receive the jailbar fix as part of this service.

Additional information

Console Style

TurboGrafx 16, PC Engine, CoreGrafx, SuperGrafx, TurboDuo/PC Engine Duo, PC Engine Duo R/RX, TurboExpress/PC Engine GT

Capacitor Type

Electrolytic capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors


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