Nomad Screen Replacement



We will install a replacement screen, 3D printed screen mount, and glass lens for your Sega Nomad. We offer installation for both Composite Video screens and LCDDRV screens.

For the LCDDRV, we offer the option for you to provide the board and screen, or we can provide it. LCDDRV are frequently unavailable and always in limited quantities. If you provide a LCDDRV board, you must also provide a compatible LCD Screen. Paired with the Nomad Triple Bypass, this makes for an amazing experience. As part of the installation, we provide an LCDDRV adapter to properly support the RGB output of the Nomad.

Composite Video
For the Composite Video screen install, we will provide a compatible Composite Video screen and board. This provides a substantial quality increase over the stock screen.

Please be aware, depending on availability, the Composite Video screen may display AV1 at power on for 2-3 seconds. Not all screens have this quirk, but it is fairly common. We cannot guarantee that the installed screen will not have this quirk, so the expectation should be that it will be displayed.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Screen Type

Composite Video, MST Provided LCDDRV, Customer Provided LCDDRV

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