Sega Nomad Triple Bypass Kit VA2


If you intend on using the original factory screen with your Nomad choose the OEM(Stock) option. If you intend on using any other internal LCD screen, including composite video and LCDDRV, choose Aftermarket. OEM (Stock) option will still allow support for Aftermarket screens, if you upgrade in the future.

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We spent hundreds of hours crafting the ultimate audio/video experience for your Sega Nomad. This one of a kind custom Triple Bypass with enhance every aspect of your audio/visual experience. Each kit includes the main Nomad Triple Bypass, a Headphone Quick Solder Board, an A/V Out Quick Solder Board, a Video Bypass Quick Solder Flex Board, 4x FFC for establishing connections, and a replacement cartridge slot panel.

This kit offers the most comprehensive and simplest install of any Triple Bypass board yet. The Nomad Triple Bypass is unique in that is is fully reversible with minimal work. It also offers video and audio near the level of the coveted Genesis/MegaDrive Model 1 VA3. A unique feature to this kit is the inclusion of a new modern Class AB Headphone and Speaker amplifier. With this circuit you can really hear the “Blast Processing!”

This kit was designed to be as simple as possible to install, but we understand some people may want to pass on that. If you don’t feel up to the task of performing the install, or just plain don’t want to, we can take care of that for you as well. See the install guide available in our Tutorials section for more information.

If you plan on installing the kit yourself and also utilizing the LCDDRV for internal video. Don’t forget to order the LCDDRV adapter board. It will simplify your installation considerably.

The cartridge slot must be replaced and the cartridge dust flap must be removed for installation.

See the kit in action here:

Nomad Triple Bypass VA2 Playlist
Nomad Triple Bypass Speaker Output Versus Stock Speaker Output

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