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Shop inventory updates

We are currently running low on the Virtual Tap and Servo Emulators. We will not be restocking the Virtual Taps once they run out. CastleMania Games will be providing Virtual Tap kits after we have run out. The Servo Emulators will likely be restocked, but in low quantities due to lower interest overall and being easier to acquire parts for. We also released our boards for these on OSHPark. In case someone wants to make their own.

The Nomad Triple Bypass and Colecovision RGB prototypes are currently being made. If there are no further changes necessary on either, these will go into production ASAP. The Nomad should be complete now. Based on the last prototype board and the very minor change made to provide better video in bypass mode to all screen types. We will be working on making some videos to showcase the new audio and video output.

If the final concern with the Colecovision RGB board was addressed, then those will also be ready for production. We apologize for the long timeline on these. It was very necessary to ensure that all the issues were being addressed going forward. For anyone familiar with the Colecovision consoles and their quirks, this should make sense.

As always thank you for your patience and support.