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Nomad Triple Bypass is Go!

We finally have exciting news on the Nomad Triple Bypass. The prototypes are tested and working great. We are now in the process of writing documentation for installs. Follow us on Twitter to see new images we post while we await the production batches of these. We do not yet have final pricing determined as it will depend heavily on the production costs. These will be more expensive than the standard Triple Bypass boards that are currently available.

If you aren’t sure what the Nomad Triple Bypass is, it’s a completely custom kit that enables superior RGB output from the miniDIN. It also allows for improved RGB video on the original OEM LCD screen, improved video from Composite Video LCD screens, and improved video from the LCDDRV RGB screens. This also represents the first new audio circuit for the Nomad that has ever been produced. The audio is brought in line with that of the coveted Genesis/MegaDrive 1 VA3. It also enables Sega CD audio and SMS audio playback if you are using a compatible flash cart, like the TerraOnion MegaSD.

In addition to this, the kit will also replace the factory headphone and speaker amplifier with a new Class AB amplifier. This offers higher volume output and greatly improved clarity, without loss of any original functionality. Please keep an eye on our social media channels to get the latest information and to see sneak peeks of the kits and their output. New videos were posted to our YouTube channel yesterday, with more to come.

Thank you all for your patience and we hope you agree that it has been worth the wait.