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Repairs, Turnarounds, and Getting the job done

Anyone who has been a customer of ours for any length of time knows that we have always prided ourselves on high quality and fast turnaround. As we continue to grow the offerings of the business so must we accept that there will be changes. As such going forward most repairs will no longer be accepted. What does that mean? Well If you have for example a TurboDuo that has no sound, missing effects, or weak sound, we will still accept that. Since most of the time those types of repairs are replacing capacitors and/or op amps. However if your repair is something more in depth, like a NeoGeo MVS MV-1FZ that is having “click of death” errors, while we would love to help, it’s just not feasible any longer.

What does this mean for current repairs? Well anything we currently have for repairs is still intended to be repaired. Repairs have always taken a back seat to installs and these days we just don’t have the time to focus the required attention on them. Going forward a policy will be instituted that any consoles shipped for installs that have undisclosed issues will either only have the install done or be returned at the owners expense. These situations will be discussed via email with the system owners privately.

At the time of the last post we were getting the turnaround time down to a solid two weeks. Since then the turnaround has been slowed and is now around the one month mark. Rest assured, your systems are safe and we absolutely will perform the work but we cannot sacrifice our install quality for the sake of faster returns. Our queue based system ensures that systems that arrive first are the first to be worked on. We do not provide preferential treatment, unless there are extenuating circumstances, which is done at our discretion. Why is it taking so long? Well we had a series of systems sent in that had numerous issues which the customers were hoping would be addressed by their requested services. These were reasonable expectations but unfortunately was not the case.

This is a long post. The important part is to know that we will continue to increase our offerings. We will continue to provide exceptional quality. We will strive to lower turnaround times but going forward we will answer questions regarding this as “about a month give or take.” Your work will absolutely get done. We still work 7 days a week. New products for DIY will be coming, along with installs for them. Prototypes are in hand for a few new devices that we hope everyone will enjoy. The only public announcements so far are that ColecoRGB will be back and better than ever soon. Along with a new offering for the TurboExpress/PC Engine GT 3.5″ LCD install.

As always thank you all for your support and patience as we work through these growing pains.