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Important Announcement

Customer service has always been one of the highest priorities in the shop. Anyone who has ever reached out to us knows, we tend to be overly responsive. The last few months have been awesome. Lots of exciting new products have been coming out and are in the works. Colecovision RGB boards are close to being finalized. The ever looming PS2 HDMI mod is on the horizon. Along with so many other awesome products.

As such we want to ensure that we are providing the best experience and products for our customers. Right now we believe we are falling short on that. With the increase of new mods coming out and the health issues that came up earlier this year, things have fallen behind. Instead of continuing to talk about the backlog and timelines, we are going to do something about it.

Beginning on May 2, we will cease taking new installation orders temporarily. This is something we have been discussing quite a bit and is not something we take lightly. The intention is to spend the month of May wiping out the backlog. At this time, we intend to reopen install services on June 1. This date is subject to change, but if it is going to be adjusted we will announce it here. We are not going anywhere. The plan is to finish some of the upgrades we have been putting off in the new shop and burning through this backlog. This way when we come back to taking new installs, we will be starting fresh with short wait times.

So what if you have an install already ordered with us? If we have your console, congratulations, you are one of the people who we will be focusing on for May. If you have purchased an install but have not yet shipped, that’s totally fine too. We will take that console in and get it addressed. If you are planning on placing an order and have not yet done so, you have until May 2 to place the order. After that time any new install service orders will need to wait until we reopen.

What about boards we sell like the FU-RGB? No problem. Any DIY kits we sell will still be available. Some new ones might even pop up.

Just remember, this is not a vacation. We will still be in the shop working just as much as ever. If the backlog is cleared before June 1, we might even open back up early. If June 1 comes around and we still feel more time is needed, we will take it and put off reopening installs. All of this is so we can better serve all of you. Please continue to bear with us and know that our goal is to come back strong and ready to give you the level of service you deserve.

Thank you all for your support as always!