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Plans For December

With this being December and the holidays right around the corner, we thought it would be best to address the plans for this month. The focus of the shop will be to work through everything that is already here, with the hopes of completion before the end of the month. Anything that arrives from this point forward is expected to not be completed until the new year. It’s possible that these will be completed sooner, but we don’t want to make promises on that.

3DORGB and Virtual Tap installs will continue to be open since these are newly available. We have also added a small handful of DCHDMI installs. Virtual Tap kits are now sold out. While our original intention was to continue manufacturing these, we will be supporting CastleMania Games and their endeavors with kit sales going forward. We will however continue to stock the Servo Emulators for some time.

Lastly, we are currently planning on offering pre-orders for the Nomad Triple Bypass kits. These are now ready for production and we are in the process of creating documentation for installations. While pre-orders are not something we normally do, in this case to assist with ensuring there is ample supply for the first batch, we think it might be best to offer this. When the orders go live, we will update everyone accordingly.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

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Virtual Tap!

Exciting news for everyone who has been waiting. Virtual Tap kits are in manufacturing right now. Assuming all goes well, we should have these kits in our hands sometime in October. The kits will be available for install service or as a DIY. Kits will be available as RGB or VGA as well. If you have questions regarding the kit or about the installation, please reach out ahead of time. It is expected that these will be quite popular and as such, we may have limited time to answer questions once the sales are live.

For more information about the Virtual Tap, please refer to the link to the original creator’s website.

Nomad Triple Bypass is also getting close to being ready. The headphone/speaker amplifier is done. The balancing is almost done. We should have new capture videos being posted soon.