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New Shipping Dates and R&D

Welcome to September. Beginning September 9, 2019 we will only be shipping on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If any of those days are federal holidays, your item will be shipped on the next regular shipping day for the shop. We will still be able to receive packages every day, including weekends, but we are no longer able to ship out daily.

Currently the workload is minimal and all we are focusing on is finishing the final remaining installs, finishing old repairs, and the R&D projects. Install services will periodically open up as space clears for those. Once all of the repairs are out of the way, higher availability for installs will allow for additional quantities. Going forward, all installs will maintain specific quantities. This is so we never have a repeat of the March/April situation that has had the shop behind for so long.

Now for the exciting things people are most interested in. The Nomad Triple Bypass is one of the most anticipated new products we have coming. Currently we are finishing up balancing the circuit to ensure this is THE only audio/video solution you will ever want/need. There is no current ETA as the manufacturing will determine the timeline. We have started ordering the final production pieces for the additional components. There will be DIY kits, Install Services, and optional upgrades available when these go up for sale. Please keep in mind that the request for these boards was to make them incredibly easy to install, but at a slightly higher price. So these will be more expensive than the standard Triple Bypass boards, they also have added functionality over the standard Triple Bypass.

Colecovision RGB boards are still being tested. Unfortunately there is no good ETA on these either. The goal is to have them done as soon as possible, but we need to make sure all of the edge cases issues there were encountered with the old boards are no longer present. It is still a priority to finish these. There are no specialty or custom parts needed here. So all that is needed is to finish making adjustments to the circuit and starting manufacturing.

Virtual Tap kits are waiting on parts. As soon as the parts are on hand, we can begin the mass production. With any luck this will be in the next month or 2. We will of course offer your choice of RGB or VGA. Just remember each board can only be 1 or the other. As soon as we can have these available we will. If these sell out quickly, which is not anticipated, we will likely produce more, but the batch size would be determined by interest levels. This could also affect pricing.