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I’ve Been Waiting Forever! What’s My Status?

Greetings to everyone. We wanted to provide an update now that we are in mid-May. We are still working on the backlog. We are still not taking new orders and have no intention of doing so until we are caught up. Many of you want to know what your current status is, rightfully so. We are investigating a few different ways of providing better order status updates. Namely some kind of page on the site that you can query to determine where you are at. So far, none of the tools we have found have provided the level of granularity we are looking for.

Additionally, once the backlog is caught up, we will be implementing a new method of maintaining a reasonable amount of orders. This way we can keep the turn around times low and mitigate this issue entirely. The “downside” will be that we may close install orders for a couple days while we catch up. There are a few avenues being explored to determine the best course of action.

More exciting news. While working on the backlog we are trying to fit in some additional R&D here and there. With any luck, once we are back to full strength, we are hoping to begin selling Virtual Tap kits, as promised. Possibly some other highly sought after boards as well. Many of you may have seen the Sega CDX Triple Bypass announcement on the RetroRGB Weekly Podcast. This was a direct result of requests from many of you. As a part of that, we will be planning on creating a new board specifically tailored to the CDX and it’s unique design. There may even be a few more things in the works that we aren’t ready to announce.

So the information that you probably want more than anything. Will we be opening back up on June 1? As of right now, most likely no. Reason being, the backlog is taking a really long time to work through. Will we be reopening? Of course! We just don’t want to provide a poor experience and so far we feel like we are. Keep an eye on this page and Twitter to see updates, but all timeline information will be posted here first. If we power through and get the backlog done before June 1 that will be the date. If we don’t have it completed then we will stay closed, keep working, and provide more updates.

As always thank you all for your patience and kind words. As always you can reach out for more specific information. If you want your systems back without being completed, we completely understand and will absolutely return them. Hope to be seeing you all soon with good news.