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About Time

Happy Holidays everyone! With the holidays upon us the shop will be slowing down a bit. We still plan to be open for operation most days but will be taking a little time off here and there to celebrate with family. It is still our intention to complete as much as possible before the 25th, but we definitely won’t have everything finished.

The current plan is to have all Nomad Triple Bypass kits and services up for pre-order tomorrow, December 20. Please remember, kits are in production but this is a pre-order and arrival/shipping is subject to change. The current expectation is that kits will be shipping out in mid-late January. This also means that any install or recap services ordered will be handled at the same time. We will have a small number of LCDDRV boards available for installation only. Please keep in mind, these are substantially more expensive than the composite video screen option, which we also offer. If you are not familiar with the LCDDRV, it uses RGB instead of composite video for the LCD signals. This provides a much higher quality picture.

At this time, we don’t have any other updates on our ongoing projects, since primary focus has been getting ready for Nomad Triple Bypass and working on Virtual Tap orders. There will be more coming in the new year, so stay tuned. We hope you have Happy Holidays and thank you all for a great year.