Sega Zaxxon Arcade to JAMMA Adapter

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We here at Mobius Strip Technologies grew up in the Golden Age of Arcades. So like many of you, we are looking for simple ways to continue enjoying our favorite classics without needing the original cabinet. Enter the Sega Zaxxon Arcade to JAMMA Adapter.

Allowing a simple plug and play connection from your Sega Zaxxon board directly into your JAMMA cabinet, supergun, or other JAMMA conversion device. This adapter has been tested with a real Sega Zaxxon Arcade board. It may or may not be compatible with clone/bootleg/reproduction boards. If you own one of these, it is best that you double-check the pinout before powering on with this adapter.

While this board is only verified working with Sega Zaxxon, at this time, it is likely also compatible with these other arcade boards from the same conversion class.

Sega Zaxxon Conversion Class Boards

  • Congo Bongo
  • Zaxxon
  • Super Zaxxon
  • Future Spy

*Please note that we do not guarantee compatibility with boards beyond Sega Zaxxon at this time.

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