MSDEXP (MegaSD Expansion Adapter)


When using original hardware, MegaDrive(Genesis) Model 1 & 2, you MUST press reset after power on to load the MegaSD cartridge.

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Introducing the MSDEXP, the Ultimate Expansion Device for your TerraOnion MegaSD. We here at Mobius Strip Technologies are the ONLY authorized manufacturers and sellers of the MSDEXP.

The MSDEXP allows you to connect your MegaSD cartridge to the expansion slot on the side of your MegaDrive(Genesis) 1 or 2, or your Analogue MegaSG. From the expansion slot you are able to play standard SegaCD games without needing to remove the 32X from your system. With the 32X attached, to your console cartridge slot, you can also play 32XCD games.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I power on my MegaDrive(Genesis) I just see a black screen. Is my MSDEXP defective?

  • When using original hardware, MegaDrive(Genesis) Model 1 & 2, you MUST press reset after power on to load the MegaSD cartridge.
  • This is a limitation of the hardware, not the MSDEXP or MegaSD. MegaSG users do not need to press reset.

Can this play 32XCD and/or 32X games without a 32X?

  • No. This is not an FPGA 32X. You must have an original 32X attached to your console to play 32XCD games.

I can’t buy this now, will this continue to be produced?

  • This is a limited production item. Whatever stock is on hand, is all there will be.

I don’t have a MegaSD. Can I use this with the Mega Everdrive Pro?

  • The MSDEXP is not compatible with the Mega Everdrive Pro from Krikzz.

Can I play cartridge games from the expansion slot?

  • MSDEXP will not allow playing cartridge games through the expansion port. This is a console limitation not a MegaSD/MSDEXP limitation.

Does this come in colors other than black?

  • The production cases are only available in black. However our friends over at RetroFrog will be offering custom colored cases.

Can I have a MegaSD in the 32X or console AND another MegaSD in the MSDEXP at the same time?

  • Yes. However, since a cart is inserted, you will be unable to boot to the MSDEXP without removing the cart from the 32X or console. This will cause no damage to your carts with both connected.

If I have a game cart inserted in the console and the MegaSD connected to the MSDEXP, what happens?

  • Just like when a real MegaCD(SegaCD) is connected, the game cartridge will take boot priority. You will need to remove the cart to boot to MSDEXP.

Can I play SMS games through MSDEXP?

  • No. Cart games cannot be played through MSDEXP. This includes SMS and Game Gear hacks.

When MSDEXP is connected to my Analogue MegaSG, I can’t play XXXXX game or XXXXX game has glitches. Can I return my defective MSDEXP?

  • No. This is not a fault of the MSDEXP. Any game that has issues when run through an original MegaCD(SegaCD) and MegaSG will also have issues with MSDEXP.

When I play 32XCD games I am missing some of the images. Is my MSDEXP defective?

  • No. You must connect your power and AV cables to the 32X, just like you would with original hardware to see the 32X generated images. Without the power and AV cables connected to the 32X and the MegaDrive(Genesis), you will not see all of the expected images.

Do I still need the Analogue DAC to play 32X CD games on MegaSG?

  • Yes. This does not in any way replace the 32X or the DAC for MegaSG.

Do I need to use the rubber MegaCD(SegaCD) pad with Analogue MegaSG?

    • Yes. The MSDEXP was built to match the connector height used on the original CD hardware.

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