Sharp x68000 Midiori MIDI Upgrade


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Are you one of the lucky owners of Japan’s greatest gaming computer, the x68000? Have you ever wanted to tap into the incredible MIDI audio, but couldn’t find a MIDI interface card? Well look no further!

The Midiori is a FPGA based MIDI interface card for the x68000! This card simply slots into an open I/O slot on your x68000 and enables MIDI output from a 5pin Mini DIN connector, just like the Official Sharp Card! Included with the Midiori card is a new 3D Printed I/O cover and 5pin Mini DIN to 5pin DIN adapter cable to use with standard MIDI cables. This card is compatible with ALL models of x680x0 with rear I/O slots.

To learn more about this incredible card, please check out the open source project here.

For a list of tested and confirmed working/not working games please see here.

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