Mobius Power Strip Saturn VA1-15 Configuration

Before We Begin:


This document covers the DIY installation of the Mobius Power Strip Saturn VA1-15 kit. Mobius Strip Technologies or any of it’s associates cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs from the improper installation of this device. It is expected that the person performing this installation has the necessary tools and knowledge to safely do so. If you are not comfortable with electrical circuits, discharging capacitors, using basic hand tools, or working with electronic devices with high ElectroStatic Discharge sensitivity, please stop now and consult a qualified technician. You have been warned.

  1. It is expected that you already know how to open your Sega Saturn console. If you are unfamiliar with this process, please seek out tutorials on disassembling your Sega Saturn console.
  2. With the lid of your Saturn off, the first step is to identify the power supply type that you have. There are a number of different versions and manufacturers for the Saturn power supplies. Identify if your power supply has 4 pins connected to the motherboard or 5 pins connected to the motherboard.
  3. If you have a 4 pin Saturn power supply, the configuration of your Mobius Power Strip will always be 12v and 5v. The top pin of the Mobius Power Strip will not be used and will be the 12v connection.

  4. If you have a 5 pin Saturn power supply, the configuration of your Mobius Power Strip can vary. On most 5 pin power supplies, you are able to identify the proper configuration by reading the values off of the power supply itself. The overwhelming majority of 5 pin power supplies will use the 3.3v and 9v configuration.

    *Please note the 5 pin power connector has been removed for clarity.

    Notice the pin configuration on this power supply shows the following:

  5. The only unique 5 pin power supply will be found in PAL VA6-VA15 Saturn’s. This unit will use a configuration of 5v and either 9v or 12v. If the values are not specified on your unit, you can use the 9v value safely without damage. The 9v/12v pin of the PAL Saturn is used solely for SCART switching.

    The PAL 5 pin units with this configuration are easy to pick out as they will have a short power supply, also known as the Type C configuration. This board will have the mounting hole for the Mobius Power Strip lined up with the metal factory mounting post.