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As of now we do not intend on continuing to stock or sell these kits. Please see to purchase Virtual Tap kits.

Each kit contains only the board and flex cable. No connectors, wires, buttons, or other parts are included.

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The Virtual Tap is the ultimate accessory for your Virtual Boy. The VirtualTap is the only video output solution for the Virtual Boy which provides your choice of RGB or VGA output, while maintaining the original functionality of your one of a kind 3D system.

The kit comes pre-programmed with 8 different color palettes, to suit your visual needs. Aside from your pre-programmed board, there is also a flex cable included to allow connecting the kit to the Virtual Boy LED emitter port, a plug and play operation. A second connector is on the board to retain your Virtual Boy’s original functionality, while still providing you with video output. This allows for easy connection and disconnection to return to factory condition.

The only soldering required is for the output to your TV and is up to your preference. There is a No Cut Mod created by Laser Bear Industries which can be used to remove one eye piece and prevent holes in the case. If you want this installed, it is up to you to purchase and provide it.

“Will this fix lines in my LED Emitter or make a ‘dead’ emitter work again?”
-No. This kit does not require functional emitters to operate. In fact you can “consolize” the Virtual Boy to eliminate the emitters entirely, if you choose. (We do not provide information or documentation on performing such a modification.) If you would like to have your LED Emitters fixed via the “Solder Fix,” please see the following link.

For more information about this product and it’s features/design. Please see the original creator Furrtek’s website and GitHub.

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