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Are you one of the lucky owners of the ultimate Japanese gaming computer? The x68000 is widely known for it’s incredible arcade ports. Some of these ports require more RAM than the computer originally shipped with. Enter the Galspanic 8MB RAM card!

With the Galspanic 8MB RAM card, you are able to easily upgrade most x68000 computers to 10MB of RAM. Thus allowing access to new games that previously were unavailable and providing ample headroom for any operations you may wish to undertake! The Galspanic 8MB RAM card simply slots into an open I/O slot on any x68000 computer that has 2MB RAM currently and also has an open I/O slot.

  • The Galspanic is not compatible with x68030 or computers with only 1MB of RAM currently installed.
  • The Galspanic CAN be used in 1MB computers if they have an additional 1MB card added in. This is commonly found in Base, ACE, Pro and Pro 2 models.

Details about this open source project can be found here.

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