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1/11/2021: All MPS are sold out. At this time there are no plans to reproduce them.

Please see full description below for all details.

Please read and agree to the Liability Waiver before purchase.

Always includes a properly sized, rated, UL and CE certified 100-240VAC power adapter and US power cord.

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The people asked for it and after considerable testing, we have delivered. We present the Mobius Power Strip! The Mobius Power Strip is the highest quality Sega Saturn replacement power supply built to date. This power supply kit includes everything you need to ensure that your Saturn and any peripherals have enough safe power and helps extend the life of your Saturn. A simple plug and play installation will have you up and running in no time..

At 4 times the power output of the Saturn’s original power supply, your Mobius Power Strip will have no issues supplying your Saturn with ample clean power. This unit is using OS-CON filtering capacitors to ensure the tightest of tolerances over the lifetime of the capacitors. Thereby providing a smooth ripple current, this upgrade is sure to clean up noise introduced by aging power supply components. With the modern switching power supply in place, your Saturn is sure to see lower internal temperatures, keeping the system itself from degrading due to excessive heat caused by the old linear voltage regulators.

What makes our replacement power supply superior to other solutions on the market?

List of Features

  • CE and CE-EMC certified
  • Extremely low ripple. Oscilloscope verified.
  • High quality OS-CON capacitors (Low ESR with tight tolerances for life)
  • EXCLUSIVE 2 ounces of copper on the adapter board mirroring OEM design (No after-market solution has offered this to date!)
  • 5v power rail properly sized for over 12Amps
  • 9v power rail over-sized to provide 3 times the original supply with input and output smoothing
  • On Board 3pin fan header (For those that want to add some active cooling)
  • On Board MODE power harness (For those with the TerraOnion MODE device)
  • Compatible with all standard Saturn models
  • The Saturn 5v rail can require up to 5 Amps depending on the model. Some of the more well known competitor’s PSU’s use a pin header and shunt solution that is only rated for, at most, 3 Amps. The Mobius Power Strip uses switches rated at 6 Amps @ 125v to ensure that your Saturn will always have the power it needs, not produce excess heat and that all parts conform to manufacturers specs for maximum reliability, efficiency and safety.
  • All power rails calculated and designed to support current and heat dissipation at 20% or more over peak
  • All components sourced from trusted electronics distributors. (No AliExpress mystery parts.)
  • Always includes a properly sized, rated, UL and CE certified 100-240VAC power adapter and US power cord.

To determine which power supply you currently have please see this handy guide. Damage can occur if your Mobius Power Strip is not configured appropriately. See the Liability Waiver.

Installation guides can be found in our Tutorials section.

For those that demand the highest power output, we also offer an “Overkill” kit. Please contact us for details if this is something you believe you need.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs


System Revision

VA0 (Power Supply in Lid), VA1-15 (Power Supply on Motherboard)

3 reviews for Mobius Power Strip

  1. scrotumnose (verified owner)


    I received a beat-up old japanese Saturn from a friend that was leaving town, and ordered this because i wanted to install a MODE and thought it’d be a good idea to get a better PSU while i was at it. While waiting for both products to ship, i tested out the saturn and found out that it wasn’t powering up correctly. oh no!

    I posted my troubles on a retro gaming discord server, and Mobius (among a few others) saw my posts and helped walk me through properly troubleshooting my saturn, (i am a beginner at console modding). despite the power strip not even arriving yet. If that’s not great customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction, i don’t know what is.

    He took a look inside, offered a few solutions, and ultimately chalked it up to a PSU problem. This was last week – my Power Strip arrived this morning. And just like last week, Mobius was super proactive and helped walked me through the installation, making sure everything went properly. As predicted, it was a faulty PSU that was the problem.

    i am playing NiGHTs right now and still floored at how good my experience was, and how helpful Mobius has been. You better believe I’d buy their products and avail of their services again. Highly recommended!

    Mobius Power Strip for Saturn
    August 20, 2020

  2. dpascar2 (verified owner)

    I was doing a second MODE installation on a different Saturn where lo’ and behold, I discovered that it had a bad PSU! I purchased one of these PSUs from Mobius as backup just in case I should ever encounter this. Not only did it fix the problem, but he also answered a tech support question from me at (approx.) midnight! What a guy. I honestly can’t recommend his products or services enough. Top-notch!

  3. jp_flynn (verified owner)

    WOW! What a top-notch power solution. I had been experiencing wavy lines of interference on one of my spare Saturn consoles. I recapped it and replaced the voltage regulator, but still, I could not get the wavy lines to go away, which obviously indicated something more serious was going on that really couldn’t be fixed easily. There was really nothing else I could do but try a new PSU.

    I got this Mobius unit which, upon installing, immediately cleared the picture up to beyond perfect. I’ve used it now for about a dozen hours and the picture is as clean as the day I got my Saturn. Installation was a breeze and Mobius answered a few of my install questions immediately. Absolutely top tier service!

    Aside from the fantastic picture quality, this unit also runs so much cooler than the stock unit. On a stock Saturn, all you have to do is place your hand on the top or bottom of the unit and you can feel how much it’s warming up the console. The Mobius unit leaves the Saturn cool to the touch. You can’t even tell the console is running. I tested the PSU with the disc drive and with the the TerraOnion MODE installed and it worked great with both. This unit also comes with plugs for the MODE supplemental power as well as the cable for it. You can also plug a small fan into the board if you want extra cooling, although, I doubt you’ll need it since this unit runs so cool, it cuts down on overall heat inside of the Saturn. Unless you’re using a SSD with your MODE and it happens to get particularly hot.

    Some people might think this unit it expensive, but it’s totally worth it. Do not cheap out on some crappy PSU. Most of them do not supply proper power or cheap out on other components. The solder quality and component quality on this PSU board all look great, unlike cheap units that have poor soldering or other badly soldered components. And looking at Mobius’ tests as well as the other info he’s given on the power block and other design aspects, I have no doubt this is about as high of quality a power solution that you’ll find for the Saturn.

    Definitely try and use your original Saturn PSU if possible, but if yours dies or cannot be fixed, this is, by far, the best solution out there!

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