Dreamcast 10% Overclock Modification


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We will install a reversible 10% overclock modification to your Dreamcast. The system clock will be increased from 33.333Mhz to 36.7Mhz. This modification does not allow for an on/off switch. Once installed, it is always enabled.


This modification is compatible with the DCHDMI and all other video solutions as of 9/2019. It is also compatible with the standard VMU and does not require a VMU overclock to save games. Like any overclock modification, it is possible that there may be incompatibilities and unusual behavior, depending on the game and your equipment. This mod is installed with no warranties and no guarantees due to the nature of overclocking modifications.

Additional Considerations:

While the system temperature should not see any substantial increase, we do always recommend the Noctua Fan and Mount Kit to reduce noise and increase cooling, even on stock systems.

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